Canna-Basics: What Is Cannabis Used For?

Cannabis is an annual plant of the cannabis family, which has been cultivated as far back as mankind exists. In total some 40.000 products derive from the plant.


The name hemp usually indicates strains that are not suitable for drug production. Hemp is often used for materials such as rope, clothing and even in composite materials.


The strains developed for drugs is usually called marijuana. These are improved breeds and crosses between Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis.


Sensimillia comes from the Spanish language, meaning ‘without seed’. The unfertilized female flowers contain the highest concentrations of THC and other known cannabinoids (over 60 discovered), such as the equivalant CBD. CBD is not produced by the plant itself. It is an oxidation product of certain cannabinoids. According to European standard, plants may contain 0.2% THC and an equal percentage of CBD. In Canada the standard is 0.3%. Levels differ and can be up to 100 times stronger, when strains are specifically cultivated for THC.

Male plants

The male plants contain THC, but only in small quantities. This is produced by glands on the leaves and pollen bags. But, there are also strains where male plants do not produce THC. However female flowers score much higher in THC and female plants also have resin glands on the leaves. Male plants are not interesting when cultivating marijuana for consumption and they disrupt the THC production of the female plants. This is why male plants are avoided.


The fibers of the bark are exeptionally strong and long. They detach easily from the plant as long as they are not dried out.


Hemp seeds are edible, nutritious and healthy for humans and animals. It is used as raw bird seed under the name of hemp seed. Hemp seed are for birds, what oats are to horses. It is said that Buddha consumed one hemp seed a day during his ascetic period. Fishermen use the seed as bait. Also, an edible oil is produced from the seed that was often used in past centuries in Europe, but has fallen into disuse.

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