Google: Marijuana’s New Best Friend?

It seems that internet giant Google might have just turned a new leaf on it’s “marijuana” policy. That or they just realized that legalization is coming, and there is going to be money to be made in all facets of marijuana.

Starting next month, Google searches for “chemotherapy nausea” will turn up an ad for medical marijuana, courtesy of the charitable arm of Google. Last week the internet search giant donated $120,000 worth of AdSense advertising to a Michigan medical marijuana advocacy group.

The Huffington post report describes the overall intent of the Google move.

Michigan Compassion does not sell marijuana but connects patients and growers, and it says the ads will appear alongside searches likely to be made by chemotherapy patients.

“The goal is to link the negative effects of chemotherapy and the positive effects of cannabis,” Amish Parikh, vice-president of Michigan Compassion, told The Huffington Post.

In the grand scope of Google’s annual revenue from AdWords, $120,000 is the gratuity on the bill of one of their staff meeting luncheons, but every little bit counts when considering the controversy that surrounds marijuana and its medicinal legitimacy.

“They’re not the ones coming to the city council meetings to protest, but they quietly send in their donations,” attorney Lauren Vazquez said. “And they’re definitely consuming the cannabis,” she added.

The Google spokeswoman said the ads would not appear in web searches done by those using a “family safe” filter, and the Michigan Compassion text ad would only show up in states where medical marijuana is legal.

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