Prohibition Protest in New England June 11th

New Englanders


President Obama is coming to Worcester, MA on June 11, 2014. Please turn out to protest the Drug War. Whatever you think of the president, and however much you think his hands may be tied by congress, and by circumstances, clemency is one thing he has power over. He can pardon all the prisoners with one stroke of his pen. He can lift the criminal records off the shoulders of all those convicted under federal law. Let him hear the voices of the people demanding a new Emancipation Proclamation. Bring signs, but more importantly bring everyone you know!


It’s time to END PROHIBITION!!

This protest is an opportunity for everyone to join in — whether you view the president in a positive or negative light — make a sign appropriate to your views: “Get Moving!” or “Thanks For All You’ve Done.”

People are making those, and a variety of others too: “Free ALL the Prisoners NOW,” “Prohibition is a Hate Crime,” “Shut Down the DEA,” “End the Drug War,” “States Rights,” etc.

News of the protest is passing around the grass roots, person to person, in all the social media. Kind of like news of a Pussy Riot concert in Putin”s Russia.

Whether any of the students at the school pull out a sign, or shout out something about hypocrisy… time will tell. But certainly outside, in the “Free Speech Zones,” and along the motorcade route, the president will get an earful. People will be waving signs, dancing in the streets, and doing their best to change the world. That the trend spreads elsewhere around the country, one can only hope.

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