KY Lawmaker Hosts Medical Marijuana Party

Kentucky Senator Perry Clark is a medical marijuana advocate and last Thursday he held a party to garner support for medical marijuana in his state.

With the upcoming legislative session right around the corner, a Kentucky state senator is once again pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana. Senator Perry Clark (D-Louisville) invited supporters to his home to revive the movement Thursday afternoon.

Senator Clark’s medical marijuana bill failed to receive a hearing last year, but this year, he says, it will go before the legislature. Today, he played host to dozens of people who say they’ll stand behind him in his renewed fight.

“I will not stop advocating for this bill,” said Erin Grossman. She suffers from Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, a disorder that affects the nervous system. She is a proponent of legalizing medical marijuana, a drug she said would ease her pain. “We’re advocating for safe access, safe medicine for Kentuckians.”

Medicinal marijuana supporters were rallying in anticipation of an August 21 Health and Welfare committee meeting in Frankfort. The group Kentuckians for Medicinal Marijuana used the party to announce that Irvin Rosenfeld, one of few recipients of federal medical marijuana, will speak at the hearing.

Clark himself suffers back pain, and believes cannabis to be the best medicine. “The doctor has recommended that I take medicinal marijuana and so has a therapeutic professional.”

Clark says the official introduction of the bill will happen in January 2014.

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