How To Use Certo To Pass Drug Test And Lose Your Job

Certo has been surrounded by a steady online buzz for the last couple of years. The main reason for this, surprisingly, is not in its effectiveness; it is the question that remains unanswered: does it work?

The circumstantial evidence available online is unsatisfying as there are people claiming that it works, and others claiming it doesn’t.

This article attempts to clear the air and, unlike the evidence found in other reviews, has some facts to back it up. For instance, the mechanism by which many reviews claim Certo uses to block THC and other toxins from entering the urine has zero evidence to support it.

But before we delve into why Certo could be your one-way ticket to losing your job and going to prison, let us look at what it is and why people think it will help them pass the test.

What is Certo?

Certo has been used for decades to make jellies, marmalades, and great tasting jams. It is only until recently that it was associated with detoxification. Fruit pectin is used as the main ingredient in creation.

Fruit pectin is a polysaccharide that occurs in fruit and is obtained from sweet fruits such as citrus fruits, pears, peaches, berries, and apples – all natural sources. Being a very soluble fiber, it is the best method to detoxify your system.

Certo is manufactured alongside Sure Jell, a similar detoxifier but in different packaging.

Why people think it will help them pass the test

There are a lot of ways that one can go about beating a urine drug test. Each of these methods has its supporters as well as detractors except one: drinking a lot of fluids before the test.

The reason as to why this method works for most if not all, is because drug tests are all about urine THC metabolite levels. If they are above a certain level, you have failed the test.

Drinking a lot of fluids a couple of hours before the test increases your urine output and consequently, reduces THC concentration in your body. The instructions for going in this direction is to ensure you pass out urine about 4-5 times before the test.

To use Certo to properly pass the drug test, you will need a couple of things: more than one gallon of water and a packet of Certo among other things. The instructions are to take a full gallon (and more pure water at intervals) of the solution a couple of hours to the test and ensure that you have urinated 3-4 times before taking the sample for testing.

If you were keen to notice, at this point, you have already seen the similarities between the two methods discussed above.

Let us take a hypothetical moment and answer this question: if you exclude the Certo from the said solution, will the method work? Absolutely yes. The only thing that stands between the two is the inclusion of the Certo drug. Everything else is the same from the amount of water intake to the number of urinations before the test.

In this light, it is safe to Certo as a detoxifying drug is just as reliable as drinking a lot of water before the test.

Though almost impossible to pinpoint their exact origin, many claims and assumptions have been made regarding the functioning of the drug. Most of them revolve around the pectin in Certo coating the walls of the stomach and urine bladder to block THC and other toxins temporarily from entering the urine.

Lack of evidence to support these claims renders all of them false. However, they aren’t entirely far-fetched and have some element of truth in them – fruit pectin plays a vital role in detoxifying the body. This is explained in detail below.

How fruit pectin can help to detox for drug test

Before anything, if you are wondering where to purchase fruit pectin, you will be glad to know you can make your own fairly easily at home. Boil pectin-rich fruits such as apples with some teaspoons of lemon juice or any other choice of acid. After cooling, the reduction will become gel and thick.

To beat your drug test, you should be concentrating more on reducing the levels of THC and other toxins in the body. Unfortunately, some toxins tend to leave the body through the urine, hence the urine test. These toxins are reabsorbed from the intestines before they could leave the body through the stool.

Before reabsorption, these toxins reside in the fat cells as they are fat-soluble. To get rid of these fats, bile is bound to them making them soluble in water, passing them out as urine.

The only way for fruit pectin to leave the body, as it is a fiber, is through the stool. While in the body, it is bound to the bile which has already absorbed the toxins and is sent to the colon automatically. As you are passing out stool, the toxins are eliminated from the body.

The less available toxins left in the intestines are not enough to end up in your urine. What’s more, fruit pectin increases bowel movement, so you don’t have to worry if your test is on the same day.

The temporary elimination of THC through your stool leave you with a window of time where your urine is almost completely toxin free.

How you can lose your job opportunity using this method

The worst part about using Certo is not that it doesn’t work, it is the number of people who are tricked into going for the wrong detoxifier. Not only does it not work, but if you look at it from a certain perspective, it is more of a weak diluting-urine-using-fluids spin-off that doesn’t look at all the important aspects for proper urine dilution such as weight and age.

Nonetheless, to give praise where praise is due, Certo is effective in preventing the reabsorption of metabolites found in the blood. The goal, however, is to eliminate those in the fat cells to prevent reabsorption into the urine, a feat that Certo is not capable of achieving.

To beat the drug test and keep or get the job, you should look into products that work.

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