How to Pass a Drug Test: Common Myths Busted

During employing process or during the work, it is possible that the company schedules a drug test. We understand that it can disturb readers, making them afraid of the test to fail, since it can affect their career plans or chances for a better workplace, but there is no need to panic.

Many websites offer “magical” solutions for passing a drug test, which usually are not reliable anymore, since nowadays tests are pretty advanced. We keep our information up-to-date so we suggest only proven methods, which can help anyone “fool” drug tests. The only questions are whether the reader uses the right products and how clear the instructions are.

Need A Legal and Reliable Way To Pass Your Drug Test?

Following solutions are equally effective. Each is targeted at a different time frame.

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The numbers of over 50.000 people, who have successfully passed a drug test adhering to our advice, speak a lot. With a bit of discipline, anyone can pass a drug test, no matter which kind. With some of them, we don’t have to quit smoking at all. Methods we’ll explain here are legal, scientifically proven and safe to use.

Drug Test Types

Depending on the business field, the job type, or the situation requiring tests for the presence of marijuana, employers perform several different drug tests:

Urine Drug Test

It detects the momentary presence of cannabis metabolites. Almost 75% of drug tests are done from the urine sample. Sampling and collecting don’t take much time, results are done fast, and employer’s expenses aren’t high.

Hair Drug Test

Almost a quarter of employers opt for this kind of testing because it can show the use of marijuana over a long period of time (up to 3 months). Taking a sample is easy and painless, and the results are obtained within 3 days.

Saliva Drug Test

Though it implies the easiest sampling and collecting, this test is not standard among employers. Often, it can’t give precise results, so employers do not rely on it when discovering the use of light drugs like marijuana.

Blood Drug Test

Taking blood samples is an invasive method, but much more detailed than all the previous ones. It is expensive and complicated to perform, and companies use it only when necessary. It gives the accurate results about the amount of THC traces in the blood only for the past 24 or 48h.

What Things Can Influence the Drug Test Result

After the effect of consuming marijuana passes, its substances remain in the body, and any of the described drug tests can detect them. But we can increase our chances of passing a drug test if we decide on some lifestyle changes.

Drug decomposition starts as soon as they enter the body and thus create metabolites that, depending on the type of opiates, our body stores for a while. Cannabis substances are the ones that remain the longest in the body, up to a year in the blood sample.

The Amount and Way of Use

The amount of THC in the organism depends on how often we use drugs. It is logical that less and rarer uses create fewer deposits of harmful substances. Also, the concentration of cannabis metabolites will vary depending on the way we consume it, whether we ingest, smoke, use edibles, etc.

Body Fat Can Disrupt THC Elimination

In people with a lower percentage of body fat, the process of organism cleaning is faster than in those marked as obese. Marijuana substances (THC, CBD, etc.) are stored in the lipids. If we have excessive weight, the percentage of fat deposits is higher so the process of eliminating toxins will be slower.

Overall Health Condition

When we are active and have a healthy lifestyle, our metabolism is able to eliminate toxins from the body by itself. In healthy people, the detoxication of the organism of THC metabolites will go smoothly. We may need a small stimulus to speed up this process, in the form of detox drinks or some other cleansing methods that will boost our metabolism.

Home Remedies that are Useless for Passing a Drug Test

People usually believe in everything when they are in problems. So before wasting time on methods and ingredients that do not give results in passing drug tests, read which home remedies turned out to be a failure.


There is no reliable evidence that this B-complex vitamin can affect the faster detox of the organism. Moreover, there are many cases where users have been poisoned because of the extreme amount of niacin.


The mechanism of action of this fruit pectin is not the clearest, so no one can guarantee its 100% effectiveness. Still, many users claim this natural fiber creates some kind of cover that prevents THC metabolites from reaching the body fluids .

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice as proven diuretic eliminates drug metabolites, but also some natural ingredients from urine, which can significantly change its composition. It can make a urine sample unreliable, and cause people to fail the test.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Pickle Juice

The apple cider vinegar can help in detoxifying when we have more time for cleansing our body. But since we consume it mixed with warmish water which dilutes it, this method usually has no effect as a same-day solution.

The same thing applies to the use of pickle juice for passing the drug test, since one of its ingredients is precisely apple cider vinegar.

Azo Pills

Since these pills work to improve the functioning of the urogenital organs, they should also act on the process of eliminating toxins from the body. Perhaps this is true, but AZO pills ingredients affect the color of the urine, which can be suspicious.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can change the pH of the urine, making it more alkaline. This won’t help cannabis users, but it will work for people use methamphetamines.


THC and its metabolites are excreted through all kinds of body fluids, but we actually don’t know which amount we will sweat out.

Detox Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent organism cleanser because it can boost our metabolism, but only if we use it for a while. It certainly helps, but not to the extent we expect it.

Potable Aqua

These pills are excellent purificator of water from bacteria and contamination, but unfortunately, there is no evidence that they can clear our urine or blood. They’ll only dilute the samples.

Aspirin and Mydol

Single use of Aspirin is not particularly reliable, especially since we know that acetic and salicylic acids reduce the pH value of the urine, which can cause suspicion in the correctness of our sample.

Caffeine as an active ingredient of Midol has a diuretic effect, and it makes us urinate more often. It can dilute the urine and change its composition.

Eye Drops

If the drug tests show only the presence of THC, there is a chance that eye drops ingredients like benzalkonium chloride temporarily mask metabolites. Since nowadays tests are advanced, and this method is no longer reliable.


Maybe masking THC metabolites with alcohol will help us pass the drug test, but there’s a risk of being marked as an alcoholic.


Zinc and zinc sulfate can dilute urine and temporarily obscure THC metabolites after light use of marijuana. The disadvantage is that an enormous concentration (almost 5000 times more) is needed, which any conventional drug test will mark as suspicious.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Tests

Can Second-Hand Smoke Show up on a Drug Test?

No. Cannabis users exhale negligible quantity of THC, which drug tests can’t detect if we inhale it passively.

What States Require Drug Testing for Welfare?

In order to avoid the abuse, listed states have imposed a mandatory drug testing before granting welfare: Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Utah, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, North Carolina, West Virginia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah.

What Is a False Positive Drug Test?

Some substances and drugs can cause false positive results, even if we are not a marijuana user. Each positive initial drug test requires additional testing (usually a GS / MS test).

How Accurate Are Home Drug Tests?

Although home drug tests are generally valid if they are done precisely, however, there is a chance they failed. Their official use is not recommended.

What happens if you fail a drug test?

It depends why drug testing is required.

During the employment process – losing the job opportunity.

Workplace drug test – losing a job if employers do not tolerate the presence of opiates. If the result is above the cut-off level, a worker will have to repeat the test after a period of leave.

Failing drug test on probation – the supervisor will compile a record of the violation of a suspended sentence, which can be used in court as evidence.

Does Failed Drug Test Go on Your Record?

Drug test results are not public, and potential future employers won’t have information about it. Failed drug test goes onto the record only if there is a criminal conviction or violation of probation.

How Long Drug Test Results Take?

Negative results of drug tests are available to the employer after 24 hours. It takes more time to confirm the positive results; usually 3 to 5 days if further analyzes are required.

Do They Check for Nicotine/Steroids/HIV?

Some more complex drug tests reveal the presence of steroids and nicotine (if extended panel tests are used). HIV antibodies can be found in urine, and more often in a blood sample provided for a drug test.

Can You Fail a Drug Test by Touching or Smelling Weed?

Once-in-a-while touching or smelling cannabis won’t make us fail the drug test. Through inhalation, we bring in the almost negligible concentration of THC. However, if we have daily contact with marijuana, it is possible that the test result will be positive.

Can Drug Test Detect Synthetic Weed?

Synthetic THC metabolites won’t appear in drug tests that are currently in use. This is only possible with specialized analyzes for synthetic drugs.

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