Northern Lights, Getting To Know Her

Northern Lights weed or Cannabis Indica Dominant Hybrid is the most potent form of marijuana known to man. There are different places from which you can purchase its seeds if you are interested in growing it yourself. There are also some places like the California Medical Marijuana center where you may be able to find clones of the seed.

Northern lights weed has a very distinct appearance as the calyxes are of healthy and lush neon green colors which also have a very generous coating of trichomes. These trichomes completely cover the surface of the nugs and the healthy and darker green tips are also covered with trichomes. Overall, the nugs’ have a color of silverfish blue and the hairs or stigmas resemble the color of the sun with some of the yellow faded light also present. These nugs are fully covered with THC filled calyxes that are created to produce a perfectly dry and sticky consistency throughout its structure.

Northern Lights weed has a herbal or blueberry mist that will give you the smell of pine oil with a slight smell of skunk. Its taste on inhalation grows into a blueberry like taste and the taste grows stronger and stronger the longer you hold the inhalation in your lungs. Overall the taste is very sweet, pleasant and a deep flavor of berry hash which produces expansive and thick smoke.

Upon exhalation the Northern Lights weed gives off a deep and somewhat acrid blueberry type smoke which will leave a blueberry hash like taste in your mouth for a few minutes. The hash taste in this particular brand of weed comes most probably from the presence of a high percentage of cannabis. As you keep smoking it, you will notice that the ash is a perfect snow white color and even the last inhalation of the joint will give you as perfect a taste as you got on the first drag.

The effects of northern lights weed include strong hunger stimulation and a full relaxation for the body which includes the muscles and mind. The high that a person receives is euphoric and very strong. Northern LightsThese effects of relaxation and euphoria will continue to increase as more and more of it is smoked. Another thing that most users will notice is that their tendencies for social interaction will increase however the attention span to any particular work is affected as will the short term of the person.

Northern lights weed is well-known for enhancing the interest effects in a person and his perception of surroundings as well as light changes all around him. One thing that almost every user will notice is that shadows appear to be stronger and darker and the feeling of Nirvana is felt after a certain period of time as the body eases into its effects making it difficult to keep the eyes open. After you smoke up this brand for the first time, you will keep feeling its effects for roughly around seven hours and 2 to 3 hours for normal frequent users. The effects vary from person to person depending on his tolerance level.

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