The idea here is to train the plant into an even canopy ,short and bushy. As parts of the plant start to shoot up from under the mesh, bend and train them back underneath.

Scrog or “screen of green” is a great method to maximize yield in a limited space. By utilizing a piece of fencing ,with 2 inch by 2 inch squares (or 3×3 ,4×4…etc.), held horizontally above the body of your cannabis plant, and “weaving” the tops and branches through the individual squares, you can maintain a low profile and maximize budding.

Continue this process, by leaving your plant in a vegetative state, until your entire mesh is full.

At this point switch to the flowering light cycle and continue to train for the first two weeks. After that let the plant go towards the light, removing fan leaves that block light as they become obvious. Your result will be nice neat rows of beautiful colas, maximizing the use of available light and space.

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