Germinating Seeds

When starting your plants from seed, there are a few methods for germination to attain the best results for your grow. First, remember, quality seeds produce quality plants. Bag seed can result in good genealogy of your plants, but most often it will not. Better to invest in some quality seeds, and know which strain you are growing.

The Water Glass

Place your seeds in a room temperature glass of water, some will sink immediately, others will sink over time. Place your glass in a dark warm place. Over the next 72 hours some of the seeds should pop exposing a white tap-root, it is important to plant these seeds in whatever medium you are growing in as soon as you see them.Be very delicate, and use tweezers to place the seed in a hole twice as deep as the seed is long, root side down. You can use rock-wool cubes, soil, coco-fiber…it’s up to you which your preference is. Some seeds might take up to 10 days to germinate, after 72 hours remove any seeds that haven’t germinated from the glass of water, and place in between paper towels as in this method….

Paper Towels

Place some paper towels on top of a plate and soak them with room temp water, then drain off as much excess water as possible. Place your seeds on top of the wet paper towels, arrange so that they aren’t touching. Next place another layer of towels across the top of the seeds and wet towels. Lightly spray the top layer of paper towels with room temp water, being careful not to over soak the plate…if you do drain the excess off, being careful not to lose your seeds. Place a second plate on top of the first, upside down creating a “clam-shell”, then place in a dark, warm location. Seeds should start germinating within 72 hours, make sure to plant any with root showing right away, and spray the towels as needed, so they don’t completely dry.


These are seeds after all, so germinating in soil is probably the simplest way to go. The keys here are moisture, and warmth. Place your seeds induvidually in to your growing medium, 10oz plastic SOLO cups with drain holes cut in the bottom work great. You want your seed twice as deep as it is long, so not far below the surface. Make sure the soil is moist, but not soaked before sowing the seed, cover lightly, and spray lightly with room temp water. Place in a bright warm location and within days you should see a little seedling poking through the soil, ready to grow.

Keep your seedlings in a warm bright location with plenty of humidity( under a humidity dome) until they have rooted. They need water, but it’s a delicate balance, you don’t want them to dry out, but you also don’t want to drown them. Roots need oxygen to grow. Within two weeks your seedlings should have entered the vegetative state, and be ready for transplant.

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