Why Not Try a Tincture?(Part one)

A tincture is a potent medicinal concentrate, and in the cannabis world there are two types, alcohol based and vegetable glycerine based. Both are simple to make, and when done correctly will pack a serious punch, so always test with a small amount to figure out exact dosage; you don’t want to end up couch-locked for 8 hours. Use decarbed cannabis for a strong THC effect, for no psychoactive effect don’t decarb your buds allowing just THCA to permeate your tincture. Let’s start with an alcohol based tincture.


Here’s what you need:

  • 32oz Mason Jar w/ lid and ring
  • Enough cannabis (bud is best) to fill the jar
  • Small funnel
  • Cheesecloth/micro strainer
  • Freezer
  • Dark colored tincture bottles
  • High proof alcohol (the liquor store kind!)

Place your cannabis in your mason jar filling it to the top, use decarbed cannabis for the best psychoactive effect or non decarbed cannabis for a purely medicinal effect.

Pour your high-proof alcohol over the cannabis filling the jar, the higher proof the better the cannabinoid extraction. Use something with as little flavor as possible, high-proof vodka or everclear, if you can find it.

Seal your jar and shake vigorously, then place in the freezer. The freezer will cause the water left in your cannabis to burst allowing for a better extraction.

Leave in your freezer for 5 days, shaking vigorously once or twice a day.

At this point your tincture is complete, just strain all the alcohol through cheesecloth, and then filter again as you pour through the funnel into your tincture bottles. You can also let the jar sit uncovered for a few days, in the dark, with air flow over the jar to evaporate some of the alcohol, and strengthen the tincture.

Test with a SMALL amount, 2-3 drops under your tongue, or added to a drink. Once you have gauged how potent a tincture you have created, you’ll have a better idea how much to use for a dose. Better to test with a little than be couch-locked for the day.

Store in a cool dark place, the freezer or fridge will work

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