Making CannaButter/CannaOil(Part2)

In part one we discussed how to make cannabutter, it’s time to learn how to make cannaoil. It’s important to know how to make both, because some applications work better for oil rather than butter. Cannaoil can be made with any of a variety of oils, vegetable and olive oil being the most common, but other oils such as coconut oil work also.

To get started, here’s what you will need

  • A clean and sanitary work area
  • Decarbed cannabis (buds,shake,or whatever you are using)
  • Your choice of oil
  • A vessel to heat the oil in (crock-pot, double boiler, oven safe Pyrex)
  • Gloves
  • Cheesecloth/ micro strainer
  • Wire whisk/ cooking spoon
  • Time

As with making cannabutter, the process can take a fair amount of time so be prepared to spend your day working on this project to achieve the best results.

You can use that method, or if you have one use a double boiler. Mix your cannabis and oil in the top pot of the boiler, and bring your water in the lower boiler to a rapid boil. Boil for up to 6 hours, making sure not to boil off all your water. Stir every 15 minutes or so and then strain and cool your oil when finished.

If you have neither a crock-pot or double boiler available, a Pyrex casserole bowl can be used, in a similar manner. In a 250 degree oven your oil and cannabis will infuse over the course of a few hours, stirring frequently.

Be careful using any of these methods, and use gloves to ensure you don’t absorb too much of the oil into your skin, while squeezing cheesecloth or at any other point that there could be contact. And remember, this is hot oil it could burn you.

Both cannabutter and cannaoil can be used to replace the butter or oil in any recipe, and we’ll get into some simple recipes here soon. Remember to store both in the freezer for longevity, and to keep the flavor profile mild, heat will intensify the cannabis flavor of the oil.

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