Deconstructing The Perfect Medical Marijuana Strain

This strain seems to defy the common knowledge that a high CBD strain will produce less psychoactive effect than a high THC one…

The cannabidiol, or CBD level, of “Old Toby” tests at 0.03, with the THC or, tetrahydrocannabinol, greater than 22.98 percent – with no psychoactive effects, only clarity and healing. Gordon said normally any given strain would take one gram of medicine to activate, with “Old Toby,” one eighth of a gram is all that is needed – giving up to 300 times the anti-inflammatory dose than the University of Israel at Jerusalem’s CBD rich, “Avidekel.”

“I created this strain to help myself, but it ended up helping me so much now I want everyone to feel this good.” he declares. “Ingesting it is the best for long term effects – I make butter, then cookies. But even smoking just a couple of hits brings my memory back instantly – short-term. How many stoners can say that?”

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